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THEY EAT POISONOUS SNAKES!!! and are immune to their venom. they also eat ticks that give you lime disease so theyre super cool

This is my place where I fuck around on for fun and log my adventures and thoughts and music stuff! Also possum facts sometimes! Also super cool pictures and videos maybe!!!! STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!

im part of a ghost hunting gang with my friends here in penten! we're kinda busy a lot but i try and update on our cool adventures on my journal!!! ALSO i have a band called the flaming possums, go check it out at the music page!!!! just click the possum buttons (i made them myself!!!)

I HOPE WE CAN BE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or enemies!


WolfMade In The 80s!


IVE HAD web counterVISITORS!!!


3/12/22 - Ummmmm I made the title scroll in youre computer tab and also a new journal entry but its kinda lame dont read it

3/4/22 - NEW JOURNAL ENTRY and adde dmy awesome mixtape to here and my music page!!!

3/3/22 - (HI dates will be out of character now bc theres no way itll be consistent with ingame time) ADDED A LINKS PAGE AND WORKED ON MY FORNT PAGE!!!!! COOL POSSUM FACT!! IM BACK BABEYEYEYE!

9/13/8X - Im gonna add a journal but I dont know what else to add its been forever and I ran out of ideas why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/5/8X -NEW JOURNAL ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idk what else to do and i forgot to get more blinkies

7/28/8X - Added blinkies on my about GO LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/22/8X - Added my about page!!!! still need to add blinkies and stamps and stuff and more cool pics!!!! Made this scrollable!!!

7/21/8X - Created the site!!!!! + homepage + buttons and stuff. Got my first yearbook signature WAHOO!!!!!

6/19/8X - found out how to record songs!!