HI!!!!! This is my journal where I log all my stuff and adventures and stuff! Like a diary but less lame!!!!


oh boy. Where do I even start
so ummm first some good things: 1. I started doing baseball practice with clayton sometimes and I think im getting kinda better 2. we did our stakeout 3. I think i fixed up my guitar case while i wasnt at school 4. i think i learned my first cantrips and should probably take a magic class next year 0_o 5. we found the shredder
and then some bad things: 1. we are not stopping the shredder 2. i dont know what our plan is 3. sorry 4. It wasnt clayton which i guess was for the better because if it was I dont think it wouldve ended up good at all

Im glad this website is just something maybe like 2 people look at and i dont think any of my friends or school knows about it! so if you find this GET OUT OF HERE!!! unless youre part of the ghosthunting club. not the lame one, the cool one im in.
but yeah, we found the shredder! and that would be really good news if it werent for the fact that we know who it is now. so i know i was kind of hoping the shredder was someone we knew because itd be super cool to know a werewolf and stuff right?? i was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was really wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a big fight in the woods near our friend Travis's farm and it almost got really bad really fast. One of Amber's friends came along to help, but even though her magic was super good she ended up almost going down in the fight. Brenda and Travis got hurt really bad, and it kinda made me wonder what we were doing here in the first place. i mean, arent there adventurers and knights and wizards and stuff that have been doing this for years and years and years somewhere?? why is it our problem? i mean sure it's fun sometimes and nobody else is gonna do it so we might as well do what the dumb cops aren't gonna touch, but we should get paid for this or something because some of us have almost died like twice!

anyways i learned before the big fight that anything that isnt magic or silver wouldnt do anything to hurt a werewolf, and obviously i kinda freaked out because i mean, I don't know any magic! This entire time i've been focusing completely on learning how to swing and throw just right so i can use my bat to protect myself, but it ended up being for nothing. i managed to find some silver dust in the chem lab and decided to use that instead, and do you have any idea how it feels to stand like a few feet in front of a giant werewolf knowing if you throw this dust wrong and the wind blows it away and you miss it's gonna do nothing and your gonna be left with nothing to stop yourself from getting ripped open like a chew toy?! WELL IT ISNT GREAT!!!!! but in the end I ended up using my uh. my new baseball skills to make a really tight ball with silver all over it and i managed to get the shredder right in the chest! cool, right? thats the end of this wolf hunt and we'll get to see who it was and go put them in jail like scooby doo or some shit right?????

Wrong! it ended up being rowan's boyfriend and everythings weird now. i met that guy at homecoming!! sure maybe he thought i was weird then but he's gonna fucking hate my GUTS now!!! we almost KILLED him!!! hell, i went out of my WAY to GET the stuff i needed to kill him and i hit him with it real hard and he was bleeding and everything and i KINDA thought he was dead at first but he was still breathing and!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH anyways um. i dont know if he can remember anything that happened and i really hope not but i kind of regret not paying attention to a lot of the werewolf stuff because what the hell am i supposed to do?? if i see him and he sees me and he remembers me is he gonna hate me??? HELL does rowan hate me now for almost MURDERING his fucking boyfriend??? like sure maybe all of us are guilty because we were all trying to kill him and he was trying to kill us so i guess it was self defense but i hurt him really bad and like yeah i was proud of hitting that shot and i felt like everything i did paid off but does it even matter if i nearly killed someone from my SCHOOL!!! i dunno!!! I DUNNO!!!!!!!!!

its fine though. we got home pretty late so i didnt really go to school after that and had more time to just umm..well ive been kinda scared to go out just in case they see me because itll be really awkward, so i just worked on my guitar case! i think its coming along kinda good. i dont know what im doing, I tried to fix the sound but I mightve messed it up a little so im not really messing with that anymore. I did clean it up and give it a wash and it looks better though, and im hoping to paint something really cool on it with the leftover paint from my guitar. i also fixed one of the hinges and im kinda proud of that. the red stuff lining it on the inside was peeling so i just took an old red shirt and cut it up and put it in there with some safety pins and it looks good as new!

but um yeah. thats all ive got! um, we ended up doing the thing we wanted to do, so we should be happy about that, even if it ended up being kinda.........bad. i feel kind of bad for albert, becuz from what i know he probably wouldnt try and kill us on purpose, so this is something he cant really control. That means I probably shouldnt be afraid of him either since he's the same guy we knew before, except we just know a pretty big secret of his now. I'd be really pissed if a secret of mine that big just got revealed to all my friends and they started avoiding me because of it! so ill try and pretend like nothing happened. but it is really hard especially when I have no idea if he's gonna remember that i hurt him that bad.
...did it scar?? did it like, fuck him up unrepairably?? are his ribs like broken forever now?? cause i think if thats the case i dunno if ill be able to look him in the eyes ever again. whatever. I hope not, that would really suck. thats all i have for today though, i have to go back home before it gets really dark.
peace out!


hi!!!!! Im back!! i know its been a while but i havent been to the library that much ive been busy at baseball practice(go wolvves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and stuff. anyways homecoming was yesterday!!!!! Im a bit sick now so this might not be the most awesome journal entry but it was pretty fun which is weird becuz i didnt really think itd be cool at all????!?!? I just wore something crappy because the theme was like space or something but I didnt have anything space?? SO I just took something from my dads clothes and a weird space tie and put alien eyes on my horns!! :^D anyways it was really cool I went with Brenda and her friend travis but we met everyone else there!!! dont tell anyone if you read this but I brought a whole salt shaker and some weird gunk from my cabinet (I think they called it star anise??) and threw it into the punch and it tasted grody as fuck!!!!! I know this becuz brenda gave me $10 to drink it and I did ROFL! I was totally fine after wards but I guess it kicked in later cuz i feel fucking NARLY today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my head hurtsz :^( but also it mightve been from the aftrerpaty. ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!!!
yeah me and brenda and travis went together!!! i went on my bike with my guitar case!! OH YEAH BTW I GOT A NEW GUITAR CASE!!! I GOT IT FROM a place with cool stuff and it was really old so i got it for free but it has a BUILT IN GUITAR AMP!!! im super excited to get it fixed up Im trying to make it look better and stuff. ANYWAYS I WENT WITH IT BECAUSE i needed my guitar with me but it ended up fine. some dumb popular kids won the homecoming king and queen title though of course even though my friends and I are right here!! We're the coolest and also the only ones who followed the theme!!!! but we took pics... heres one by the way brenda sneezed in it sdrry but her outfit was kinda weird but also kinda wicked bcuz I didnt see anyone else that into the theme other than us!!! it reflected all the light though
Farrow with Brenda and Travis
so I think we found a buncha new friends and stuff!! some people were talking about some crop circles which ended up in us telling Amber's friend about our ghost hunting stuff! and I think she wants to join us now which is cool sure we need more peeps were about to fight a WEREWOLF!!!!! we ended up visiting the """crop circles""" but it was all super bogus!! it was just some dweebs making the crop circles themselves to draw attention to stuff that they were obsessed with. i knew they were lame but this is just ASS!!! but it ended up being kinda fun cuz people were throwing a party and I got to drink my first actual beer!!!!

other than homecoming, today a girl asked me if I wanted to go out!!! to be honest it was super weird becuz I never knew her before and I wouldve said yea but I didnt know her that much and I dont think she was my type and stuff so I said no! anyways she was just like ''just say yes!!'' and I was like what no I dont like you youre weird!!! and she went back and all her friends were laughing at her?? I felt kinda bad so I said sorry later but it ended up she was just dared to do it for fun. I asked her why and she just said becuz Im a dweeb?!. That was .....................................................................that was so lame!!!!!! well I dont know what to make of it but thats really stupid, Im on the baseball team! I cant be a dweeb, Im a jock! so im glad I made her look stupid because that dare was really stupid and she probably deserved it. ROFL!!! I was upset about it at first but after taking it out at the field i felt better and its actually kinda funny now. now I can tell my friends a girl asked me out. and i rejected her loL!!! they probably havent had that happen to them yet!!!
.......well except the one of us who got a boyfriend but OTHER THAN THAT!!!!!! unless brenda and amber have boyfriends and girlfriends now. thatd be weird!!

anyways thats all I got. my baseball team captain agreed to train me sometime and Im super excited about it!! Im still on the lookout for people to join my band too so if you know anyone FIND ME AT SCHOOL AND TELL ME!!!! ok peace out thanx!

WAIT WAIT BEFORE I GO!!! i made an awesome mixed filled with music I like. Ill be adding to it whenevr I find more sick stuff to add,its kinda hard though these digital playlist things are weird and new......i hope you like tho P.S. if youre music is on my playlist PLEASE COME TO PENTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok bye! you can find the playlist on my music page here!!!!


HI!!!! Its been forever and I'm so bored so I'm gonna make a journal!!
First of all I GOT GROUNDED!!!!! >:^( WHAT THE FUCK!!! And before you say why didnt you just go out anyways because your dad isnt even home to notice if you go out or not I DID BUT HE ASKED THE STINKING NEIGHBOR TO RAT ME OUT AND I GOT IN DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!! so I have to stay home after school for an entire TWO WEEKS!!! You know how when you go to the zoo IDK if we have those in penten but we used to have them in the city and youd see those huge giant tigers that are supposed to be out in the jungle and stuff but theyre not because theyre in some shitty concrete square??? Thats how I feel! >:^( I broke my fence again hitting it with my baseball bat and I had to fix it and its STUPID but I listened to a lot of music and i was going to write down what I thought about it but I got distracted so I just brought my walkman and my awesome mix so Im gonna listen to them right now and tell you what i think!!because im allowed to go to the library because its for school reasons so now i just watch videos online and find possum books and go HOME!!!!!! >:^( THE LIBRARIANS KNOW ME NOW!!!! thats so lame! anyways this is the only thing ive got I havent done anything cool all week because SOMEONE grounded me because I ended up at marshalls office again with a dumb broken ankle or something BUT WHATEVER!!!!!!! imagine breaking your ankle and already being grounded because you cant go anywhere but once its all good and fixed youre grounded AGAIN!!!!! anyways!!!!!!!

number one friend or foe by negative approach!!! wait i already reviewed this one anyways its super badass and im getting better at it on guitar but it gets boring to listen to after the first 520 times so that sucks!!!! 0_0
number two miserlou WAIT A MINUTE IVE ALREADY REVIEWED THESE!!! anyways this one is the agent orange and i kinda like this one better its really cool. i wish I could skate so I can do wicked tricks to it!!!!! now im kind of thirsty
number four dead stop by negative approach maybe im going crazy because of being grounded but i think all the negative approach songs I have on here sound the same i need some new jams
officer by opteration ivy its my favorite one!!!! this ones my favorite operation ivy song ad apparently its ska so maybe this ska song is the only good one. everything else sounds like lame dad rock but this ones actually kinda bomb

NEVERMIND i got bored also by the way my friends and i are going to hunt a werewolf soon. you guys get to know because you wont tell anyone. were going on a stakeout and im STOKED but if im still grounded by then i dont even care we're going to the cattle farm and waiting for them. BY THE WAY if you know whos the werewolf tell me because i dont know. I dont even want to hunt them or whatever i dont care that theyre eating cows and stuff THATS WHAT WOLVES DO!!!! what do you WANT them to do!!!!! kill people instead???? anyways i interviewed my team with my friend brenda a while ago and we have a lead on who it cant be and who it can be and honestly i know it can be anyone in penten but I really hope theyre on my team because it'd be really funny cuz we're the WOLVES!!!!!!!!

anyways thats all i got also my bets are going on clayton because itd be SO COOL IF OUR CAPTAIN WAS A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!! but i guess itd still be just as cool or whatever if it were someone like my dad or a teacher but less cool cuz its not one of us. and maybe if my dad is werewolf then im one half of a half werewolf? 0_o its better than being some dumb elf human!!!!! also i think it can have a chance of being him because what kind of job makes you stay out ALL NIGHT??? i think hes out being a werwolf sometimes maybe!

also i hear some guys are going to homecoming but it sounds really lame. what do you even do just walk around and kiss people and drink fruit punch?? at least thats all I know. I think itd be way more fun to be out watching a movie instead!! So I think thats what Ill do and ill take my friends too cuz i know they dont wanna go to some lame homecoming except maybe rowan cuz he has a boyfriend now or something. whatever!!!!!!!!! they can come too just dont be making out during the good parts i wanna hear!!!!!!! if they all ditch me though i guess ill just sneak in or whatever to see what the big whoop is!!who cares!!

K thats all for real bye! See you when Im ungrounded bye!!!!!!!!!!


I FIXED MY STRINGS!!!!!!!! WAHOO!! ivealso been trying to find new things to do in town but then I remembered this town smells.

BUT I FOUND A MUSIC STORE its kind of crappy and run by like 2 guys but I was pretty sure one of them was ((Fantasy)) kurt cobain so I got a picture with him but it turns out his name was Craig and he's from penten so.
Farrow with some dude

also i played cool guitar today check it out!!! i havent cut my nails in a while so I kept missing up but it was really fun!!! P.S. PLAY MUSIC WITH ME!!!!!

ok thats it bye!!! also that first one is mine the second is someone else's song idk what it was called. ok bye!!

HI IT'S BEEN A WHILE!!! I've been super busy and also my guitar string broke and I need to get a new one but I keep forgetting and I'm really sad about it BUT my dad showed me a album he liked that he said was good for practice and I thought it was a joke because my dad doesnt isten to cool music I've seen his tape collection and they look kinda lame but I guess this one was kinda less lame I guess. He gave me this tape by U2 and told me I could use it to practice because he liked the band a lot or something IDK I forgot what he said actually and I was like yeah okay but there's this one song on it that I really liked!!!! But my strings broke!!!!!!!!! so I have to wait until I fix it to practice :^( SO that's life right now and I'm really uspet but I think I'll just see where I can get some money because I used all my money on the ouija board for my friends. anyways I hope my friends are cool I haven't seen them in a while I think we got really busy with homework but Im super excited for the homecoming game yay!!!!! ok bye! ps come see our homecoming game go wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO P.S. FUN FACT ABOUT POSSUMS!!!! they can eat snakes and are also immune to poison snake venom EXCEPT CORAL SNAKES which is really cool I think our mascot should be a possum and the opposite school's mascot should be a snake. anyways that's it bye!!!


HI!! It's kinda late but I wanted to quickly write a journal to show. MY TOP 5 SONGS EVER!!!! (Ever) I cant add cool gifs or anything because I wanna go home really fast and practice guitar but I can do that later!

ONE:!!! (fire gifs and stuff): miserlou by dick dale i havent watched pulp fiction yet but this song is awesome and also agent orange covered it so its automatically sick!!!

TWO!!!: bloodstains by agent orange its fucking bad ass!!!

THREE: friend or foe by negative approach its also bad ass and im learning it on guitar but its kinda hard!!!m

FOUR: here we go again by operation ivy ska isnt really my favorte thing it kinda sucks sometimes but this one is awesome and I like how his voice sounds in that one part after the first few seconds it's really cool and I kinda can sound like him if I scream for a long time and then try to sing I wanna try and cover it

FIVE holiday in cambodia by dead kennedys i dont like this band a lot and their voices are kinda weird but this ones badass because im learning it on guitar too but i know this one better than friend or foe because its easier at least for me.

MORE SONG RATINGS SOON!!!!!!!!! agent orange please come to penten!!!!!! Okay bye!!


I made my first website today! or. Well. Probably my first and only because holy fuck that was so much work!! I had a lot of googling and copypasting to do!! I had to run down to the library after school cuz I heard someone talking about making their own to use as their blog and put pictures and music and stuff on it! So I decided to make one but cooler because blogging and pictures is kinda lame, so I'm gonna do journalling and music instead and also pictures of possums! Wahoo!! Anyways, I'll put stuff about my adventures and stuff here whenever I go to the library! It's getting kinda late here though and the librarians are asking me if I need any help which means I'm gonna have to dash right now before they report me to the police for loitering! :^D see you soon!