my band is called

or well. the Flaming possums. the o is optional. But we're talking about like virginia opossums not austrailian possums
ANYWAYS!!!! i don't have any official songs and titles and albums yet, BUT!!!!!!!!!!! I will soon!! and I have plans and tunes and stuff but I need to put them together and title them and stuff ANYWAYS!! I made the band in sophomore year when I bought my first guitar!!!!! My guitar is a black Silvertone Strat!!

So far it's just me as the lead and rhythm and bass. But I still need drums and preferably someone else to do bass and also maybe a trumpet or saxophone for flavor and also maybe a tambourine. Honestly I'll take anyone so hit me up if you play instruments!!!!! Also I sing I'm the lead singer
My inspirations are all my favorite bands!!!!!
heres a song i made!! its not polished or anything because I don't have any actual recording equipment but I made it by recording my guitar with a video recorder and then playing that back and recording the second part over the playing one with a SECOND recorder and so on so forth until I finished!

ok thats all! please suggest any names if you think of anything I'm not good at names. OH also I have a tattoo of my band's logo on my wrist! Here it is!!! A friend did it for me in my old city!

Anyways that's all I really have so far, I'll put more things here later!!!

WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!! I MADE AN AWESOME MIX OF ALL MY FAVORITE MUSIC!!!! im working on making a mixtape to keep and listen whenever i want but its reallly hard because sometimes these songs arent on the radio that much. :^( but I found them on the web for you to listen to and I hope you enjoy!!!!! the """spotify""" one is weird bcuz it only lets u play the full song if your on your spotify account. BOGUS!!!!!!! on th eother hand i have the youtube playlist, but its soo much work to add stuff there so it might have less on it than the other. THIS SUCKS!! anyways hoope you enjoy! bye!